Why did I become an International Escort

Going back less than 12 years ago I was happily living in NZ, travelling the country escorting. I the started flying overseas to Australia & working in Sydney & Melbourne. So I naturally added these cities to my touring schedule. Then the earthquake hit Christchurch NZ where I was based forcing me to make a decision that I have never regretted and relocate to Melbourne. The home of culture, food and wine and of course great bloody coffee!

Once set up in Melbourne where I also had a great local clique of working girls both trans and not and a lot of NZ ex-pats I begun to tour Australia and travel Australia wide regularly

In no time I had built a solid reputation & following and great database of reg clients, then I went to a little party in NZ, as you may have guessed we can jump around quite a bit so me travelling back and forth to NZ for both private and professional reasons is common. It was at this swanky birthday party for one of my close friends  I met  Rene Jolie Most of you surely have heard of Ms Jolie, an established escort who was at the time based in Melbourne and who also happened to tour O.S. mainly throughout Asia.

With Rene’s guidance and encouragement off I went and I accompanied her to one of her escorting trips to Singapore.

I’ve never looked back! I now base myself out of Asia and travel regularly to Singapore & Hong Kong while living most of the time in Thailand, the lifestyle is just so relaxed and of course there’s the weather 🙂 Who could say no!

It’s a lot of work starting again but the reality is you only live once and the industry has gone through a lot of changes lately and not for the betterment so why not try everything once and live life!

Being an International escort has afforded me so many opportunities and I”ve met so many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, which enriches my whole life and not just my work. I’ve had many memorable encounters along the way met some truly lovely men and had many adventures…would I do it all over again? Absolutely!

I am grateful for my life and opportunities but I have worked hard to create

A life less ordinary…..Ivana