Eye Colour 


Hello Gentlemen,

As you have already gathered by now I am an international trans escort, offering you a totally different experience to anything else you have ever sampled. You could just book another gorgeous escort that isn’t trans but have you ever wondered? What would it be like to try something so different?

If you do reach out and book me I love a luxury experience, let’s go out and savour the sights of Singapore…or maybe you might fly me to Hong Kong or Shanghai? I know each city intimately and can be with you within 24 hours notice. Don’t let that business trip be boring or worse yet lonely…invite me along, I’ll make your day and night. The food, the people, the bars and hotels. Let me show you an exquisite all round experience.

As a lover of fine things, something you will appreciate when we meet, I don’t just look the part I am the sum of all parts….I have prepared a gift page just for you. A sample of the things I love and appreciate.

Please don’t be shy, if you want to make that perfect first impression, look here and choose one of my favourite things. You can add my mailing address to their shipping details – or bring it with you…it’s totally up to you x

So lovelies I’m looking forward to meeting and spending time with you, a treat I promise, you will love and adore and keep coming back for more….my regular clients are everything to me, I love to treat and pamper you also.


Trans Ivana Escort Signature