My favourite cities to visit

Singapore is a stand out! Slowly with dedication and hardwork I am establishing a great reputation and have met some amazing and beautiful men. Being in Asia has opened some windows of opportunity for me. I love the people and how humble they are and I feel so comfortable around them. The architecture where old meets new I find amazing. It’s so vibrant and clean & I feel safe there, which is important for a woman sometimes travelling alone let alone being an escort. On a lighter note, Changi airport is the best! The beautiful butterfly enclosure the indoor pool & shopping are a girls dream 😉

Hong Kong is also a very interesting city to visit but not for the faint hearted! I hope to tour Hong Kong a lot more. Shanghai Hc MC and Japan excite my senses as well!

But I will always have a soft spot for New Zealand, my home country and I go back there to tour often. I stay in Auckland mainly but try to travel to other cities when I can. It’s also great to see NZ moving with the times and I do very well there still and are grateful for it every time.

I am grateful for my life and opportunities but I have worked hard to create

A life less ordinary…..Ivana