Advice for clients

First off manners go a long way, If you send me a text just saying

  • Hi
  • Send me photos
  • Got any nude pics…..

You are unlikely to hear from me.

So start off with your name, what city you are in, I do travel a lot so don’t presume we are in the same city at the same time…but with advance notice, we could be.

What day and time you are after…these are good starting points! It starts a dialogue and if you have asked any of these I generally know you are the real deal.

Then we move onto the good stuff, after we have discussed these details I encourage you to then tell me what it is you’re after? For instance if you’re into kinks or fetishes let me know, I will be honest and upfront as to what I cater for. Tell me what sort of outfit you’d like me to wear, ask me about my fav wines and champagnes that we can enjoy together. Here is a good time to remind you of my fav things on my gift page including alcohol

When we have this discussion, it helps me establish whether or not we are compatible and then we can set a date and a time to make magic….

It’s not rocket science but it does require a little effort on both sides, I’m happy to do it because I know that this effort means a far better time had by all. I put a lot of time effort and money into what I do so that you can have

The best of both worlds….Ivana